Services Provided

Repair Services

With over 40 years of experience, Idaho Weighing Systems can very quickly troubleshoot and diagnose problems on all types of weighing equipment. We have seen quite a bit over the years and can usually determine what the issue is in a few minutes. Even the most complex and very rare cases are not a problem.  From old mechanical scales, to complex batching systems, programmable indicators, computer interfaces and wireless systems, we have the experience and knowledge to take care of your issue in a timely efficient manner which shortens downtime and reduces the repair cost. 

Calibration Services

Idaho Weighing Systems provides calibration services using Certified Weights that are Traceable to the National  and International Standards. Calibrations can be performed an all  scale types and capacities. Our testing methods adhere to  the National Examination Procedure Outlines, (EPOs).  We will provide Certificates of Calibration for each scale in an electronic format that will stand up to the scrutiny of auditors. We are not satisfied with a scale just "Being in Tolerance"  We are of the opinion, the applicable tolerance is meant for scale's performance capability, not the technician's.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key to providing  our clients with high value service. We are not simply a testing agency performing calibrations as needed. We are first and foremost a service agency and will perform a thorough  inspection of each and every scale. We can prevent future breakdowns by repairing or correcting conditions that can, and more than likely will, lead up to a future failure. Correcting simple items in the present, can provide significant savings as compared extensive repair costs in the future. Give us a call to discuss how we assist you in this regard.

Consultant Services

Idaho Weighing Systems provides consulting services in addition to sales and service. We can provide you with our experience and knowledge of weighing applications and systems.  No project is to big. We can help with compliance in Legal for Trade applications,  project design, scope of work and specifications. Projects can include but are not limited to  load-out facilities, vehicle and rail car weighing, batching systems, bulk weighing, data collection software, wireless systems and  networked applications.