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There are many options and methods available for you  to monitor your belt scale information.  The location of your scale(s) and  integrator display(s) will be a determining factor in which method you decide to implement to visually monitor your scale data  locally on site.  Another factor in determining the hardware,  is whether the connection between the scale and the final monitoring display is  wired or wireless. The information below is meant  to provide a general overview of the viewing options available.

Basic- Out of the Box - Hardwired


The standard scale comes with an integrator which can be mounted within 30 feet of the scale's idler rollers and speed sensor. If you mount the integrator within this distance, no other options are required but you may wish to look at the Optional Outdoor Enclosure to provide added protection for the integrator and an easy connection for the electrician to an integral 110 VAC disconnect switch mounted in the enclosure 

Basic plus Opt. Smart Junction Box - Hardwired


By using a Smart Junction Box, you can wire all of the scale components (including an optional automatic angle compensator) to the j-box located within 30 feet of the scale and run a 6 conductor shielded cable from the j-box to the integrator in a remote location. In some cases, running a cable between the scale and the control room is not feasible, making the wireless communication the better choice.

Wireless Hardware Components


If Wireless Communication is the better option, a transmitter and receiver is required. With multiple scales in the plant, a wireless access point can be used to receive data from multiple scales and then send that data to the optional remote device. In some cases, wireless repeaters may be required. The remote devices can either be  a 4" or 7" touch screen tablet, an HDTV or a Plant-Connect modem for online monitoring. 

4" or 7" Touch Screen Tablets


4" or 7" touch screen tablets provide the ability to monitor multiple scales from a single location. You can view the Total, Current Rate and Belt Speed for each scale with the ability to Reset Totals and Zero.  The 4" tablet is limited to 1-2 scales while the 7" tablet can display up to 6 scales. For viewing more scales , an option for an HDTV Monitor is available,

HDTV Monitor


Providing you the Freedom of Choice to use whatever size HDTV you desire, we can provide an HDTV Display Module with the ability to display up to 12 scales at the same time. The operator can reset scale totals and perform zero calibrations using the TV interface and view historical production information which is recorded to an internal USB flash drive

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MANY Possibilities


With Belt-Way Scales, there are many options. The on-board  Ethernet  in each integrator can be used wired or wirelessly, multiple or single scales, wireless repeater or access points, Ethernet switches or not....... The possibilities are many.  Call the experts at Idaho Weighing Systems to get the right solution and implementation for your requirements.  

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