Belt Scale: Weighbridge with Integrator

Features and Benefits

 Belt-Way Scales are Idaho Weighing System's belt scale of choice by a wide margin. With proven accuracy and dependability, along with  incredible factory support and a very  user-friendly  operator interface, this is the right choice for weighing conveyed products.

From single, multiple and catenary idler configurations with several capacities available and optional all stainless steel construction, we will have the right scale to fit your application.


Belt-Way belt scales are available with I/O to communicate to a wide  variety of devices and/or a PLC. The I/O provided is programmable so our  customers are able to select the desired functionality that meets their  requirements. Included with the I/O package, Belt-Way conveyor belt scales come with material blending capability and PID Loop Control. Our customers use  this capability to mix material at a specified percentage with a high  degree of accuracy. Applications such as pugmills use our products to blend material at a predetermined specified mix.

 In addition to weighing and tracking your inventory using conveyor belt  scales, we provide solutions for monitoring and managing production  efficiency. By implementing one of our products, you will be able to view easy to read graphs and generate reports that help you keep track  of black belt time, down time, run time, and TPH range. Either way, your  real-time and historical production data is accessible. We provide the  tools to allow you to view all of this information locally, on-site, via  touch screen monitors or off-site using your phone, tablet, or computer  through secured servers. Whether you are on-site or half way around the  world, our solutions give you access to the data required to optimize  your facility in today’s competitive environment. 

 For more details on the monitoring capabilities and accessories, please check out our webpages:

Patented Unique Design - Fits Any Width Conveyor

 The patented scale design is intended specifically for easy installation with accurate results!  Many belt scale manufactures bolt their load cells directly to the conveyor frame.  As the frame flexes and bends, this force is transferred directly to the load cells.  Belt-Way's design minimizes these effects as the  the load cell assemblies are suspended under the conveyor roller(s)

 Standard Features include:

  • A large color easy to read screen
  • Quick access keys to simplify operation
  • Automatic behind the scene USB Memory data logging allowing quick and easy access to data
  • Modbus over Ethernet & serial output
  • Power over Ethernet for wireless communication
  • Administrative and a defined level password control
  • Diagnostic testing built in to the user interface
  • Color Icons for User Intuitive Operation
  • Display of  Current, Job, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Master Totals, with ability to look at the last 8  reset  current totals

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