In-Motion Checkweighing At Its Finest

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Small Packages

drag chain or belt conveyor  in-motion checkweighers for small packagages up, to 10 kg

The TSC 350 Checkweigher includes drag chain style to a belt conveyor  with a variety of lengths and widths available.  Scales in this range have weight capacities to 10kg and rates as high as 350 per minute for the drag chain model.  Accuracies as high as +/-0.5g @ 2 Sigma.  

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Intermediate Checkweigher

Intermediate In-Motion Checkweigher for packages  up to 22 kg

TSC Intermediate Checkweighers are suited for case and small bag applications with production rates up to 60/min. This model is offered as a single conveyor and can also be equipped with pacing/acceleration and reject conveyors. Accuracies to +/- 9g @ 2 Sigma.

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Heavy Duty Checkweigher

Heavy Duty In-Motion Checkweigher with capacities up to 1000 kg

TSC Heavy Duty Checkweighers are built for industrial & institutional packaging w/rates up to 50/min. This rugged  scale is ideal for sacked concrete, cement, salt & earth products. Pacing, Acceleration & Reject conveyors are also available. Accuracies to +/- 20g @ 2 Sigma  

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Kit Verifier

Verifier Checkweigher ideal for the kit industry: parts kits, hand crafted packages, component food

The Kit Verifier Checkweigher is more than a simple bench scale and less expensive than an in-motion checkweigher.  The most popular use is at the discharge of an automatic kit bagging system.  The conveyor moves for a predetermined time in either direction to drop the kit into the accept or reject bin based on weight. Package rates up to 30/min on lighter packages. Capacities to 15 lbs (higher capacities and larger format conveyors available). Accuracies to +/- 0.5g @ 2 Sigma

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Custom Checkweighers

Custom Checkweighers are available.

Custom Checkweighers are available. Give us a call and we can discuss your application.   One custom application was an 8 Lane Potato Sortation System. Individual  potatoes are sorted  based on weight. Each potato is diverted into one of two conveyor lanes and then diverted into the appropriate bin.  Check out a  video of this system in action by clicking on the link below and then selecting the Video tab to view the 8 Lane Potato Sorter in action.  Call us at 208-970-7748

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Multi-Lane Checkweighers

Multi-Lane Checkweighers are available from 2-16 lanes

Multi-Lane Checkweighers are available from 2-16 lanes. Each unit is built for your specific need. Rates up to 150/min per lane with accuracies as high as +/- 1 to 2 g @ 2 Sigma. Scale capacities are application dependent. Many configurations are available including drag chain, belt conveyor and gravity assisted fixed scale designs. Packing type, close centerline distance between lanes and limited footprint  are all taken into consideration for each application.   

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Universal Filler Controllers

TSC 5511 and 6611 Universal Filler - Checkweigher Controllers

The 5511 & 6611 TSC Controllers are Universal by design as they can be used for many applications: 

  • In-Motion Checkweighing - stop-motion, manifest and dual target
  • Gross Filler: auger, impeller, open mouth up to 4 spouts with traffic control
  • Net Wt Fillers: up to 4 scale buckets
  • Bulk Box - Bag-in-Box Fillers
  • Liquid Drum Filler

The 6611 is effectively the same as the 5511 with 3 distinct differences:

  1.  24 VDC source power
  2. Ability to operate up to 4 channels from 1 enclosure
  3. Two additional bi-directional serial ports

 Color HMI, Built-in Ethernet, I/O & more.

The 5511 can be used to replace old and obsolete controllers (i.e.-GSE & Flexweigh), in addition to upgrading obsolete Hi-Speed Checkweigher controllers,  saving  thousands of dollars vs. total replacement.  

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Rejectors - Sorters

Rejectors and Sorters for In-Motion Checkweighers

There are many options available for rejecting and sorting product after being analyzed by our in-motion checkweighers. One option (as shown above) is the case diverter that can divert an out of weight case to a spur conveyor that contains a scale to allow quick, no-lifting and efficient  manually trimming of the case weight.  Our reject and sorting options include, but not limited to the following:

  • Blast Air Nozzle
  • Case Diverter
  • Heavy Duty Space Saver Pusher
  • Heavy Duty Pusher
  • Intermediate Drop-Nose Diverter
  • Intermediate Pusher
  • Intermediate SS Wash-Down Rated Pusher
  • Intermediate Swing Arm Diverter
  • Intermediate Space Save Pusher
  • Small Package Open Pusher
  • Small Package Bump Cylinder Pusher
  • 4-Sort  Dual Lane Sorting  Conveyor
  • 2-Lane Sorting Conveyor

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Data Logging & Reporting

Data Logging  930 Data Logger or SPPC Lite or StatPak-PC Software

There are 3 options to choose from for data logging each package weight, 2 of which are software solutions using  the built- in Ethernet communications of the checkweigher.

StatPak-PC Software is the most robust solution. The software is installed on your PC and logs weight data from up to 10 scales into an SQL runtime database. Real-time view of production data is possible for up to 5 users on the same network. Recipes are stored in the database, securing access and limiting unwanted changes on the production floor.

SPPC Lite Sotware - is easily installed on your PC and can monitor up to 5 scales. Data is stored in individual .csv files for each line. This is a single computer only option with communication only from the scale to the PC . Report generation is a feature of each software choice.

The 930 Data Logger is a hardware device that connects to the scale's  serial report and logs data to a 2GB USB thumb drive.

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