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Online production monitoring      View real time rate and speed with user defined production ranges    View production totals    Quickly identify bottlenecks    Add custom notes to identify production changes or black belt reasons    Run reports by shift

How it Works


 Plant Connect is a subscription service. Production Data from your scale is sent to Plant-Connect via web-interface hardware. The data is uploaded to our secure servers.  This is done either through your company’s internet access or through a cellular network.  If you use the cellular network connection option, we provide the  cellular modem and annual data plan. We  include this service so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple vendors.  We take care of that for you.  Once the data is stored on our servers, all you have to do is visit your specific website, login with your password and secure username.  From there you have access to all of your production data and can generate reports showing any date range you like.  Access your data from anywhere in the world via the internet using your phone, tablet or PC..  It is that easy!  



 Reports are generated to give our customers valuable information  they can use for production efficiency, equipment monitoring, proof of production to customers, and much more.  These reports are generated based on the date range you select using the date/time selection tool.   You can zoom in on a report's graph. The report's statistics will reflect  the actual date and time of your zoomed selection. Reset the zoom back to the original time and date with just one click.  Reports  of your selected time period are generated with the click of a button. The data in the table report is available to export into a .csv file and can be opened with Microsoft Excel for manipulation into whatever data format you desire.  A valuable tool at your fingertips  for production managers and data collection

Online Monitoring


 Multiple sites and scales may be viewed from one location giving our customers instant and historical feedback as to the efficiencies of their facilities.

We have the ability to customize reports and connect to a wide variety of scales.

Note: Plant-Connect requires a hardware Web-Interface Component.  Check out Web-interface Option on the Options Page

If you want to monitor your plant, please give us a call.


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