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Automatic Angle Compensation


On stationary belts, you simply enter in the fixed conveyor angle.  As the angle of the belt changes, so does the amount of force transferred to the load cells.  If the the angle of your conveyor changes as in the case with a  radial stacker, this is a must-have option. As the angle changes, the integrator receives the new angle from the sensor and automatically compensates calibration for the new angle.

Smart Junction Box


The Smart Junction Box is used in wired applications when the integrator is mounted further than 30 feet from the scale. It requires a 6 conductor cable obtaining its power from the integrator using 2 of the 6 conductors and communicates using the other 4 conductors. It  is typically hardwired internally, or can be  provided with a permanently mounted  quick-disconnect connector on the body of the box

I/O Communication Board


With the Option to communicate with external equipment and devices, the realm of  possibilities  is at your disposal. With 4 configurable inputs and 3 configurable outputs, flexibility to satisfy  your requirements is built in. Any of the configured outputs can be assigned to any of the 3 available relays. 2 Analog Outputs are available for connection to PLCs and other equip. 

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Outdoor External Enclosure


The Outdoor External Enclosure is used to protect the integrator from the elements.  It measures 16" x 14" x 8". It comes with a 110 VAC Power Switch  mounted in the enclosure.  The door is gasketed with a continuous hinge and 1/4 turn latches

Test Weights


The standard scale is designed for test weight calibration using a bar and test weights.  Self-Storing test weight kits are available that become a  permanent part of the scale assembly. Non-self-storing test bars and weights are also available

Ticket Printer

ticket printer for belt scale

The  RS232 ticket printer can be provided for 110 VAC or 12-24 VDC operation. The printer is housed in a weatherproof enclosure.  The paper tape can be purchased at your local office supply store. Prints:  Scale Name, Ticket#, T&D and Total

Wireless Kits


Wireless Kits are available when stringing cable through the plant is not a good choice or desirable. The Scale Wireless kit and Access Point (receiver) kit  include a transmitter/antenna and 25 ft of Ethernet Cable. Repeaters are available if needed

Touchscreen Remote Displays


The 4" or 7"  touch screen display allows viewing of multiple scales at the same time (1-2 scales on 4" and 1-6 scales on 7").  The operator can reset scale totals and perform zero calibrations remotely. Historical data is stored on an internal USB flash drive 

HDTV Remote Monitor


With the HDTV module, we can display up to 12 scales. Includes:, TV Module Enclosure, CPU to drive your HDTV, 24 VDC power supply, POE to Power Ethernet transmitter, USB,HDMI & Ethernet Cables, USB hub, Flash Drive and Mouse


web interface for belt scale data collection to the web

To connect  to Plant-Connect's online monitoring service, you need a web-interface. 2019 integrators will have the  hardware interface built right in to connect to your Broadband Internet Connection. When a connection is not available, we can provide a Cellular Hardware Modem with data plan

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Scoreboard Display


In some applications is is nice to have a large outdoor scoreboard display that can be mounted where scale information can be seen from a distance or when driving by. We can show either the Total Weight, The Current Rate or alternate and show both. Available in 2", 4" or 6" display size

Remote Start / Stop Station


The remote start / stop station automates the Load Out of Trucks and Rail Cars. This options requires the I/O board. The rotary dial can select up to 9 stored target weights or manually enter any target wt. Press Print at end to automatically print a ticket